Here is a list of informative resources designed to help you in your process of making informed decisions concerning your care. If you know of a great resource that is not listed here, feel free to email me so I can add it to the list.

Phoenix Local Resources  (Links)

Birth Doulas
Doula Network
     ~ A great resource for finding doulas and other care givers as well as general information about pregnancy.
Birthing Naturally
     ~ An excellent resource for finding information on pregnancy, labor, and birth. Includes a directory for finding care providers in your area.
The Business of Being Born
    ~Watch Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein's film that opened eyes and minds, and helped people see birth in a whole new way.
Henci Goer
    ~author of The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth
Henci Goer articles   
    ~must reads
Women's Voices for the Earth
     ~ Learn how to protect yourself from harmful toxins and chemicals found in most household cleaning products.
     ~ Another excellent resource for information on conception, pregnancy, labor, and birth. Also includes an interactive birth plan template.
Circumcision information (NOCIRC)
    ~National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers, founded by healthcare professionals to provide information to expectant parents, healthcare professionals, educators, lawyers, ethicists, and concerned individuals about circumcision and genital cutting of male, female, and intersex infants and children, genital integrity, and human rights.
Skin Deep Database    
    ~ Discover if your cosmetic and beauty products contain dangerous toxins and carcinogens through this easy to use and informative database.
Ten Questions to Ask When Having a Baby
     ~ A great list of questions to ask yourself and your care providers when discussing your birth plan.
Childbirth Connection    
     ~ Another great resource for all the latest information on pregnancy and birth. -
    ~Helping you prepare for a successful VBAC.
Waterbirth International
    ~Waterbirth information.

PostPartum Resources    
    ~ A great resource for evidence-based information on breastfeeding and parenting. Includes an excellent database for researching which medications are safe for Mom to take while breastfeeding.
    ~ The benefits of babywearing are numerous for both Mom and baby. This site is a great resource for babywearing articles, tips, and advice on how to wear your baby successfully.
    ~ A great resource that provides comprehensive information on vaccines to help you make a decision regarding your child's care.
     ~ Explore this site for great information on breastfeeding or to find support through a LLL group near you.
    ~The AZBC aims to make breastfeeding the norm in our culture through support and advocacy.
    ~ The Amajoy Center provides information on infant development and practical tools to apply it for parents, caregivers, and professionals. 
    ~ Learn about the benefits of co sleeping for both Mom and Baby, and how to co sleep safely. 
     ~ Learn about the benefits of delaying solids with your baby, and why doctors now recommend waiting until at least six months old.
    ~ Learn about the importance of rear-facing, and how extended rear-facing can help protect your child in the car.
     ~ Besides rear-facing, having your child secured with a five-point harness can help ensure their safety while traveling in a car.