Doula services include the following:
•free consultation
•Two Prenatal visits.
During this time, I establish a relationship that gives both parents compete freedom to ask questions, express fears and concerns and take an active role in creating the birth plan.
•guidance on relaxation techniques
•ongoing 24-hour telephone/text/email support
•a comprehensive educational and resource packet
•birth planning and preparation
•a FREE fast track  prenatal/childbirth class group

•continuous labor support in your home, birth center or hospital
I provide comfort with pain relief techniques such as: breathing, relaxing, massage and positions. I encourage participation from the partner and offer reassurance. I act as an advocate for the mother, encouraging her in her desires for her birth
•lactation support
•birth ball and hot sock for comfort measures during pregnancy and labor.
•birth story and timeline
•photos of birth experience if desired
Guaranteed Back-up doula services
Discounts available for other Peaceful Birth Services
Extensive referral network
•One postpartum visit within the first week home
(This is to talk about the birth experience and admire your work)

Our Childbirth Preparation Series is an evidence-based education. In the 24 hours (spread over 8 weeks)  we offer the perfect mix of time-honored traditions and cutting edge research to empower 21st century moms to give birth with confidence.
You and your birth partner will be well-educated and prepared for labor and birth. Your classes will teach you how to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy and to prepare your body for the big day. You will learn how to work as a team, so you can cope with the sensations of labor. You will learn about the body's natural process and you will also be well-educated about common medications and procedures so that you can make informed choices.

24 hrs of group instruction given in 3 hrs classes for 8 consecutive weeks. Classes cover:
  • Class 1: Intro to Natural Childbirth/ Pain Management/ Prenatal Exercises
  • Class 2: Pregnancy/Nutrition/Relaxation
  • Class 3: Labor 1st Stage Labor and Transition
  • Class 4: Second and Third Stages of Labor
  • Class 5: Variations / Complications / Informed Decision Making
  • Class 6: Birth Preferences, Packing, Birth Team, Birth Plan, Emergency Birth, Newborn Procedures
  • Class 7: Advanced Labor Rehearsal with Whole House Plan and Review
  • Class 8: Newborn Care, Postpartum Care, Choosing Pediatrician/Breastfeeding
Group classes are limited to 5-6 couples for individual attention and include workbook.
*Begin classes by your 30th week of pregnancy.
Belly Casts: A belly cast is made of plaster casting strips that are soaked in warm water and then applied to your pregnant form. Once the plaster hardens, it forms a light yet durable cast of your pregnant self.

Making a permanent form of your belly is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy! This wonderful keepsake allows you to express yourself artistically while creating a lasting memory. Once your cast hardens, you can use it to create a beautiful work of art by painting it, if you wish. Belly casts are done in the privacy of your own home.

Placenta Encapsulation:
Placenta Encapsulation is a process in which the placenta is dried, ground up, and turned into capsule-pills for the women to digest during the postpartum period.
The benefits of placenta encapsulation include: increased milk supply, decreased postpartum bleeding, increased energy level, decreased chance of developing postpartum depression, and more.
1-3 days after the birth I will come to your home or birth location and pick-up your placenta. I will take your placenta home and prepare and return capsules within a few days.

What is Placental Encapsulation?
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